Everyone is looking to maximize productivity so they can reach their future state goals. If you're struggling to get the right tasks done in a timely manner (and are possibly stressing about it, too), check out these tips first!

  1. Morning Routine: High performers understand the importance of a structured morning routine to kickstart their day on a positive note. They wake up early and engage in activities that boost their energy and mindset. This can include meditation, exercise, journaling, reading, or practicing gratitude. By prioritizing self-care, they set a positive tone for the rest of the day. 

    Coach's questions: Do you have a well-defined morning routine? Do you stick with it? If not, this is a great focus area in 2024!

  2. Goal Setting: Successful individuals take a few minutes each morning to review their goals and set their intentions for the day. They create a clear plan of action and prioritize their tasks based on importance and deadlines. By starting the day with purpose, they ensure that their time and energy are focused on activities that align with their long-term objectives. 

  3. Coach's question: Do you prioritize tasks each day that directly impact your goals? 

  4. Healthy Nutrition: Nourishing their bodies with nutritious food is a priority for high achievers. They understand that energy and productivity depend on fueling themselves properly. By providing their bodies with the necessary nutrients, they prime themselves for optimal performance throughout the day. 

    Coach's question:  Energy is critical to getting stuff done. If you run out of energy during the day, how productive can you be?

  5. Mindfulness and Gratitude: Highly successful individuals incorporate mindfulness and gratitude practices into their daily routine. They take a few moments each morning to practice deep breathing, visualization, or affirmations to foster a positive mindset. They also express gratitude for the opportunities, relationships, and experiences in their lives. This helps them cultivate a positive outlook, reduce stress, and enhance their overall well-being.

    Coach's question: Do you daily reflect on the blessings in your life or are you to busy moving from task to task? To achieve true productivity you need to celebrate the good things in your life to give you the motivation to continue to achieve!

  6. Proactive Planning: Instead of being reactive, successful people start their day by proactively planning their schedule and setting priorities. They identify the most important tasks and tackle them first, ensuring that progress is constantly made towards their goals. By being proactive rather than reactive, they are better equipped to handle unexpected challenges that may arise throughout the day.

    Coach's questions: How do you start your daily work? Do you plan it out using a planning tool or do you allow others to set your agenda via meetings and emails? Take a proactive approach to design your day, and block time to accomplish your priorities!
By incorporating more of these habits into a structured morning routine you can start your day with energy, positivity, and productivity, setting yourself up for high performance, both personally and professionally.


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